Cocktails comes tomorrow!

Our main event is coming up tomorrow so i you want to roll with the most active poly community on the planet, hit me up! I’ll see you there!

Tonight Tonight Tonight! Waooooooooo


All around the world, Poly Cocktails is happening tonight! If you want to know where, shoot us a message! We would love to be your polyamorous community!!! And TONIGHT?

HUGE announcement about our annual big event! Can’t wait to see you and love you!

Poly Cocktails main meetup tonight!

Back by popular demand (like seriously) – I’m wearing my horns tonight, so no excuse for not finding the mascot! I’ll probably not be in a toga…saving that for OcTOGAfest.   Come say hi and have a drink with me tonight!


Please take care during Hurricane Harvey!

21148387_1502827956444182_528340941_nAs the rain continues to pour this week, please try to stay safe and dry! Our thoughts are of you and your safety as well as the safety of your loved ones.

Come to our Epic Dance Party April 8!!!

Come one, come all! Take a chance and roll the dice…step into another world and for one night, be any character you always wanted! Poly Cocktail’s Austin is proud to bring you Dungeons & DragQueens: A Poly Dance Party! Tonight is about letting go of who you are and celebrating the side of you that you don’t ordinarily show! Maybe you’re the fair maiden longing to be a Knight in shining armor or perhaps you want to be a (drag)Queen or King for a night. Maybe you just want to sprout wings and fly. In the realm of Dungeons & DragQueens, you decide!

This event will open with an unforgettable drag show with some truly amazing talent and then the rest of the night is for you to let go and get down at our Poly Dance Party! We will have all sorts of glowing goodies, great signature cocktails, amazing company, bumping music, a photo op and much more! Enter our wizarding world for one amazing night! All ticket sales are final and proceeds go to Poly Cocktails Austin!


Poly Cocktails Austin: October Edition is coming!


If you haven’t made it out to a meetup yet, this is going to be another great time, pumpkin! Looks like we will be around 60-80 people strong again this month! We will as ever be having an amazing time at the legendary Stay Gold on E. Cesar Chavez after 7pm. Toaster the food truck will be on hand with some amazing food. (They have a few new dishes if you haven’t had a look yet!) And the weather should be BOOTIFUL! All the boys and ghouls will be there so it’s a perfect time to meet your new poly besties! Get the whole polycule out for a spooktacular night! I’ll see you there!

We have over 500 members!!!!

good news

5th Monday – Memorial Day

Monday Funday is almost upon us and since we don’t have work, let’s play! This month, we are headed to Punch Bowl Social so if you’re up North – come out to meet up! This place is a ton of fun just waiting for us! They have some old school games and a great menu of punches to try! Can’t wait to see you there!

Pajama Pub crawl

Who among us has not come straight home from work on a Friday and immediately changed into their jammies? THIS is almost winning at life. Having an adventure with the rest of us- whilst in those jammies – is a definite win! This is how great stories are born and heroes are made! Epic tales will be built this night and we will all win at life – in our PJ’s!

The logistics of this adventure are still in the works…locations are bieng scouted, doormen are being bribed, you know how it goes! Once the bar czar, the mascot and I have perfected the crawl, we will post up a map and further instructions! Incentives, etc…

Attire: I don’t have to tell you (I hope) what constitutes appropriate enough for public but if you have any question at all, shoot me a pic of your jammies and I’ll yay or nay. (Here come the nudies…I feel it.) If you sleep in the nude, you must prepare an alternate pajama costume scenario! I encourage ALL of you to be wildly creative! Different eras, themes and nostalgia encouraged! So grab yo underoos or your onesie and prepare yourselves for sweet dreams after an even sweeter night out!


Upcoming shenanigans

Hiya everybody! Hope you’re having THE BEST day! I’m here brainstorming in the cocktails nerve center and we have a few events coming up. With almost 400 people – I could use an assist! If YOU are interested in helping coordinate cocktails, let me know!! Now then, gettin’ down to bidness:

1) I’m ready to get our next big event, the Pajama Pub Crawl off the ground. We need to pick a weekend date in the next few weekends for starters…and I think we need a coordinator. Spotlight on Ashley Ewing, our unofficial Bar Czar: Do you think you and I could work up a layout for a Rainey Street area crawl? (Also wondering about one up North if I can get a Northern Bar Czar…time frame of end of summer or Autumn)
2) I would like to schedule our Summer Sunset Swim at Barton Springs but I need to contact them to find out what I need to do to bring an event group – and then any input you have on dates ie what day of the week, time of the summer, etc. If anyone wants to jump on board to assist with this planning, let me know!
3) Thinking of all the great artists, performers and craftspeople in this group and I feel like maybe we could do a Bazaar – maybe an online pop up party or something. We could create an event and people could post their wares or videos of their performances etc…just a thought but it seems like we could do well with an Autumn Market/Showcase. Don’t know if we have manpower to do it any way but online but I would like to field interest here and take comments and questions etc.
4) Feel free to post your events to the group! Please note if they are out in general public, poly friendly etc so members know what to expect!

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